Who we are and what we do?

This web site was launched in 1999 and aims to disclose the activities of teaching and scientific research related to glaciology, thus contributing to the training of students, professionals and technicians, contributing to society with the updated knowledge on glaciers of Chile and Antarctica. The web site includes information on numerous glaciers describing investigations, delivers the essential theoretical and methodological background of this scientific discipline and offers its visitors numerous publications. The use of its contents for nonprofit educational purposes and scientific research is allowed, only being requested to be cited as a source to the respective page (www.glaciologia.cl) and its director (Andrés Rivera).


This web includes studies of glacier variations, ice dynamics and their relation to climate change.


Our primary geographical focus areas are the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, the Antarctic Peninsula, the Patagonia Icefields, the Chilean Lake District and the Central Andes, where we are normally carrying out terrestrial studies (GPS, Radar), airborne exploration (GPS, Radar, Laser altimetry) and satellite image analysis (visible, infrared and radar specter).

Photo: Sebastián Cisternas.