Glaciar Guanaco

Glaciar Guanaco is located at the international border between Argentina (Province of San Juan ) and Chile ( Atacama Region ) . It has an area of 1.64 km², according to a GeoEye image acquired on March 14 , 2014.


Its surface morphology is relatively smooth, with a 360 m difference between the maximum and minimum elevation. The Chilean part of the glacier is more accessible, allowing the terrestrial exploration and survey of the entire glacier.


Between 1955 and 2014 the glacier lost ~ 0.5 km². Its mass balance was measured between 2003 and 2015, when the total acumulative mass balance was -6.41 m w. eq.


Figure 1. Guanaco glacier, areal variations


Figure 2. Guanaco glacier (photo: Andrés Rivera)


Figure 3. Guanaco glacier (photo: Andrés Rivera)



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