Following the teachings of our logistic man, the mythical "pelao" (Farah) Quinteros, one of the indispensable elements in any field campaign is the coligüe (Chilean bamboo): ductile, manageable, durable, useful, good, nice and cheap.


Similarly, one of the most used tools by glaciologists, especially by students who go to the accumulation zones of glaciers, is the round nose shovel, needed to clear the snow that permanently wants trap us in our tents.


A third essential element according to Jorge are rubber tires, used for almost everything except eating.


Our logo therefore was crossed by a shovel and a coligüe, joined by a strip of tire, in front of which there is an active volcano (the force of nature) covered by a glacier, which descends from the summit, representing the ice and cold, until a fjord or lake, surrounded by greenery where shatters hundreds of icebergs.


The design of this flag by Andrés Rivera and the graphic support of César Acuña had the consent of the other members of the laboratory in 1999.