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Warren, C. and Rivera, A. (1994) : "Non-linear climatic response of calving glaciers: A case study of PIO XI Glacier, Chilean Patagonia" Revista chilena de Historia Natural, 67:385 - 394, 1994.

Resumen / Abstract.

Pio XI (or Brüggen) Glacier is probably the only glacier in the world currently at its Neoglacial maximum. Its recent fluctuations provide a striking example of non-climatic glacier behaviour. A rapid 3km advance in the 1920s was followed by retreat in the 1930s. Between 1945 and 1983 the glacier advanced 10km at a mean rate if 263m -1, since when it has oscillated around a quasi-stable position. In 1992 the terminus was advancing over large accumulations of proglacial sediment and the western margin was advancing into mature forest composed of southern beech (Nothofagus spp.) and Pilgerodendron uniferum.